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Lightning Fast Speeds

Five Brands Supported

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Lightning Fast Speeds

We rely on specialized, proprietary monitoring technology that was developed fully in-house in order to deliver key product data in under a second after every drop and restock.

Our highly sophisticated systems developed with our customers in mind allow us to supply you with information from all of the latest drops and restocks at speeds and levels of detail unparalleled by others in the industry, providing you with a maximum advantage in purchasing highly sought-after products before anyone else.

Five Brands Supported

We currently support both drop and restock notifications for five of the largest brands that utilize drop-based sales, including:

  • Supreme
  • FTP
  • Palace
  • Fear of God
  • Fuct

Our subscribers' feedback is taken very seriously, and our dedicated support team closely listens to customer response in order to add the most requested brands as soon as possible.

Maximum Customization

Unlike our competition, we strive to give you a highly personalized experience by allowing individual monitors to be fully customized. This allows you to not only target specific brands, but also to add custom keywords for specific products that you are interested in.

Additionally, you can choose from our tested list of specially curated keywords, designed to match as many desired products as possible. This results in fewer unwanted notifications, and less time wasted sorting through a brand’s entire drop just to find the specific item you were looking for.


DropAlerts Membership

DropAlerts Membership is a subscription plan that costs $5.99 per month and grants full access to DropAlerts on all of your devices.



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